We are creative artists of innumerable media who know that our creativity comes from the same source that fires the entire universe.
    We acknowledge and feel our inseparability from and our immersion in the Web of Life we call Nature. As human beings we see our unique roles in this web, including using our creativity to honor Spirit and Nature, to create works of Beauty and Truth that uplift our spirits and bring us to places of Love and Illumination.
    We recognize that humans have been gifted with an infinite number of talents to play with; and in our enjoyment of these gifts we are aware of the need to respect what we play with, whether it be from Mother Earth, our own bodies, or the cosmic ethers. We also know and feel that as much as we play with and in our environment, "it" is playing with us: there is a continuous interplay and reciprocity amongst us all. We are part and parcel of the environment for the non-human world, as it is for us.
    There really is no separation or hierarchy—we are all Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Ether or Space, immersed in a cosmic sea of Love.
    As keepers of the wild flame, we collaborate with Spirit and the spirit in Nature, in dedicating ourselves and our art to healing the planet, our personal and collective wounds, and to celebration; we dedicate ourselves and our art to birthing a collective global human awareness based in community, communion, love, respect and beauty, and to bringing joy and wholeness to our human and non-human relations.
    We are the many colors of the rainbow. We are singers of the wild flame. We are dancers of the wild flame. We are painters, inventors, designers, poets, playwrights and actors of the wild flame. We are intellectual and manual workers, parents, children, healers, seers and farmers of the wild flame. We are the above and so much more. We are keepers of the wild flame. We are who we are.

Received through Madeline Aron, 2011

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We encourage you to make copies of the Wild Flame Network statement and distribute it in any media you wish so long as you do not charge for it or alter it in any way, and credit the author.

    The Purpose of the Network is to link those that use their creativity in a sacred way, and who agree with, and are inspired by, the statement above; and in turn intend through their creativity to inspire and uplift those they touch.

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