Our CD release concert was held on June 27, 2013. It was a full house, and the concert went very well. We raised $200 for our beneficiary organization, M.A.S.E. Another $300 from sales was also donated in 2014.

History and Vision
My name is Madeline Aron. "In the Heart of the Wild Flame" is the title of a CD I have been putting together from songs and instrumental pieces by NM composer/musicians on themes pertaining to the natural environment and our relationship to it. Growing up in the country, earning a music education degree, and becoming a holistic health practitioner led me to do this.

It started with wanting 2 of my own songs to be used by the environmental movement and has grown to include 12 more from other NM musicians. It is multicultural, multistyle and multitopical. My vision is one of consciousness raising, through beauty and truth, to educate people and inspire them to learn more, take time to reflect and feel, and perhaps to take action on behalf of each other and our Earth. I see it as an educational tool because of its cultural, musical and environmental value. I hope it will inspire other creative endeavors. It can also be an organizational development and fundraising tool for environmental organizations.

Community Supported Music for the Environment
All of my time and effort has been done on a volunteer basis, and all the musicians have donated the use of their music for this album. Any money raised beyond the cost of production and distribution will be donated to environmental groups with preference given to grassroots groups who are concerned about the health of their communities, such as those working on water and mining issues, environmental toxicity and environmental degradation or restoration. The first organization to benefit from this project will be the Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment (M.A.S.E.) which focuses on uranium impacted communities in the Southwest.

The Music and Musicians
Topics covered include: the wild within and without, the love of nature, nature as teacher, grief at its loss, human apathy, horses, wolves, insects, the Rio Grande, water, environmental toxins and our health, pollution, corporate corruption of government oversight, the devastation of peoples and lands, uranium and coal mining, our interrelationships with nature on personal and spiritual levels. There are songs in English, Spanish, and Navajo and English, instrumentals on guitar, oud and Native flute, and a spoken word piece.

Titles and Composers:
"The Wild Calls", Madeline Aron
"Red, Red Rock", Laurianne Fiorentino   play clip
"Horses", Rahim AlHaj   play clip
"Se Ve Triste El Hombre", Cipriano Vigil   play clip
"Another Field is Gone", Bonnie Blum   play clip
"Las Cuatro Estaciones", Chuy Martinez
"The Big C", Paul Pino
"Lee Tsa Doo Da", Tash (of Indigie Femme)   play clip
"Blanca's Theme", Lew Critchfield (Luis Campos)   play clip
"Entymology", Jared Putnam   play clip
"El Rio Seco", Paul Pino   play clip
"Water of Life", Madeline Aron   play clip
"Blessed Rain", Indigie Femme
"Changing Woman's Blessing", Andrew Thomas   play clip

Other Info
The CD covers are made from recycled and recyclable materials. The print is non-toxic. The CDs include a pamphlet with all the words and translations of non-English words into English, as well as descriptions of the meanings of the instrumental pieces. The title evolved through inspiration and discussion. To me, it refers to the fire of Creation and Creativity which is embedded in Love. New Mexico is also in the heart of extreme wild fires. There are many possible meanings.

I would also like to thank the NM Wilderness Alliance ( for their moral support since the beginning of this project and for designing and donating an ad in their newsletter calling for music submissions. I have given them 20 CDs which they are in turn donating to radio stations, libraries and educators.

How to Obtain the CDs
Send a check or money order for $20.00 ($16 for the CD, $4.00 for S and H) made out to
The Wild Flame Project and mailed to:
c/o Madeline Aron
1006 Richmond NE
Abuquerque, NM 87106

Please include your name and address in print, i.e. legibly, and a phone contact in case of questions.

CDs can also be purchased directly at:
Southwest Research and Information Center (SRIC)
202 Stanford N.E
Albuquerque, NM
M-F from 9-5. Cash, checks and money orders made out to the Wild Flame Project must be for the exact amount.

I look forward to sharing this beautiful and meaningful music with you. To contact me, snail mail to the above address or send me an e-mail. May you have many Blessings and thank you. Madeline Aron

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