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Award Winner THE PAGEANT UNVEILED is a 2008 NM Book Award Winner!
by Lucretia Tippit

Called to serve her God,
       tempted to follow her passion...

    This novel explores the life of Kathy Neuhardt Whitford, first as a child who is fascinated by the pageantry of church and later as a student, wife and mother whose Christian faith develops and matures. As she searches for her calling in life, she finally finds it in the ordained ministry at age 44. She settles into her first pastorate in a small Lutheran church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Trying to deal with the complaints of her non-religious husband, Tony, and juggle the demands of work and family, she finds understanding and solace from her colleague, senior pastor Paul Mueller. Their closeness soon causes Kathy to face a temptation that risks her marriage, her family and her new career.

Can Kathy live with her choice
and find redemption?
book cover
ISBN 0-7414-4294-9 -- Trade Paperback, $18.95
Includes discussion questions for book groups.
E-mail the author to order your autographed copies, or to schedule a talk with your group or book club about her novels and writing.   Available at Albuquerque bookstores, or purchase on-line from Infinity Publishing, or call toll-free 877-289-2665.
    "This is a powerful story of the changes in public perception of the roles of women in the last thirty years. Tippit does a fine job incorporating Kathy and Paul's beliefs and religious discussions in a way that is natural and not 'preachy'....This is a human story from all angles, well written and intriguing. Tippit leaves the reader with much to think about after a truly fulfilling read."
Sabra Brown Steinsiek, author of 'Annie's Song'

    "What a timely book for all young people as they select spouses, for all churches as they minister to their pastors, to all spouses as they fall into boring routines and quit nurturing their relationships. Many people will pay for the choices these two people make. There are no clear answers because there aren't. This book will leave you thinking."
Lucia Amundson, High School English Teacher

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