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A Memoir
by Lucretia Tippit

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    Miracle in Chicavasco is a coming-of-age story set in a primitive Otomi Indian village of 1960 Mexico. The author, a college co-ed, joins twelve other university students in a church-sponsored work camp. Living and toiling side by side with the villagers to improve conditions for the impoverished community, Lucretia deals with the primitive circumstances and personal encounters that lead to her growth in faith and self-knowledge. Whether cooking for twenty over a two-burner stove, building latrines, struggling with Spanish or living without electricity, the author finds there is much to learn from the people of Chicavasco.

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ISBN 0-7414-6280-X -- Trade Paperback, $10.95
Illustrated with the author's photographs.
    "Initially spurred by the opportunity for adventure and language immersion; a college girl spends a summer in the Otomi Indian Village of Chicavasco. This act of faith matures as Lucretia experiences the values of a different culture whose joy and steadfastness amid seemingly impoverished circumstances has much to teach. Poignant, amusing and inspiring, this first person account is an example of how in giving; one receives unexpected blessings and understanding. Good reading for the mind as well as the soul! "
Carol Chavez, MA, Gerontologist
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

    "Miracle in Chicavasco, a memoir of a summer's adventure captures the times, the primitive Mexican town of Chicavasco, and the enthusiasm of idealistic youth perfectly. Lucretia Tippit has given us the gift of sharing what must have been a life-changing experience for her. Due to her vivid writing, we can experience it vicariously. Well done!"
author of "By Fire Possessed: Dona Gracia Nasi"

    "Lucretia Tippit's account of her eight weeks of humanitarian service in Mexico in 1960 serves as a gentle and engaging reminder of the rewards of giving of oneself. Real life adventures await those who are willing to cross the divides of class and privilege. Fifty years later, our world is still full of people in desperate need. I recommend this book for its portrait of an isolated culture, its chronicle of personal growth, and its message of caring for all members of our human family."
Zelda Gatuskin, author

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